My Priorities

"I will continue to be a strong leader and public servant while I advocate for the people of our communities. As District My goal is to generate positive change in our District and throughout the County. To do so I will work towards sensible policies designed to result in a positive impact on the lives of Harford County residents every day."

Economic Development

Andre’s vision for the Harford County Route 40 corridor is where we use the advantages we have for our citizens’ benefit. He is committed to cultivating transit-oriented and affordable mixed-use development that provides:

• Healthy food access.
• High-quality retail.
• High-paying jobs for the Route 40 corridor residents.

This includes investing in skills-based training programs such as trade apprenticeships, STEM courses in primary schools, and tax incentives to help grow small and minority firms.

Support Small Businesses

Andre is committed to making sure small businesses have what they need to thrive here in Harford County. This includes cutting red tape that holds back small businesses, opening up access to credit, and democratizing our institutions so women, people of color, tribes, and people in rural and urban Harford County can start businesses and get a fair shot at government contracts.

Education and Workforce Development

As a graduate of Edgewood High School and a military member, Andre knows the benefits of quality education. Andre is committed to forging partnerships between our local labor unions and our public school system, and community colleges to create opportunities for more skilled labor jobs post-high school.

Further, Andre is committed to nurturing the next generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs through record early education funding that will allow Maryland to be a world leader in innovation.

Food And Hunger

In the 34A Legislative District, there are few healthy food options for residents. Andre will work to access healthy and affordable food options to the route 40 corridor residents. In a county as prosperous as Harford County, no one should go hungry, and we are working to address food, equity, justice and hunger.

Reform Our Criminal Justice System

Too often, the people going through the justice system are poor, working poor, black, and or brown people. Andre has a vision for the state where we transition from a costly punitive criminal justice system to rehabilitative and work to rebuild the bonds of trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. This includes fighting to limit cash bail, de-escalation training for our police and correctional officers, the ending of racial profiling, and stop & frisk. Andre will continue to work with the brave men and women in local law enforcement to fight for safer neighborhoods and a fair criminal justice system for all Marylanders.

Collective Bargaining Rights And Project Labor Agreements

The right to collectively bargain is essential to ensure that workers get fair wages for their labor. Andre knows how real the threats to labor unions and safe work conditions are to everyday workers. Andre pledges to stand up against threats to collectively bargain and is committed to supporting project labor agreements that ensure workers receive prevailing wages on state contracts.

Standing up for the Environment

Andre‘s commitment to the environment has been steadfast. Andre believes in the Chesapeake Bay oyster recovery program, which is essential to the Bay's long-term health. Whether banning fracking, increasing dependence on renewable energy or holding big oil companies accountable for offshore drilling – Andre will do it for our environment.

Andre believes we are stewards of the environment, and despite the federal government's repeated attempts to undermine the progress we have made, he will continue to fight here in Maryland. This includes passing legislation to make Maryland part of the U.S. Climate Alliance - similar to the Paris Climate Accord but with even stronger standards - and solidifying the state's commitment to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to lessen the impact of global warming.

Making College Affordable

The gains of obtaining an education go well beyond a higher-paying career, and cost should not be a barrier to students willing to do the necessary work. Andre will do everything within his power to keep the price of college tuition down and expand options to pay for it without burdening students with unbearable debts. This includes expanded access to certifications and apprenticeships as an alternative to the middle class, often accomplished without the debt incurred by the 4-year college.

Diversity & Cultural Competence

Our differences in color, religion, gender, geography, and thought are the root of what makes America amazing. We are a melting pot that brings the many talents together for the single goal of creating a better society for all. Andre is committed to pushing legislation that encourages our campuses, workplaces, and public schools to be institutions of acceptance and cultural understanding.

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