My Priorities

"I will continue to be a strong leader and public servant while I advocate for the people of our communities. As District A Councilman my goal is to generate positive change in our District and throughout the County. To do so I will work towards sensible policies designed to result in a positive impact on the lives of Harford County residents every day."

Safe, Livable & Thriving Communities

The diverse neighborhoods of District A span from rehabilitation ready former Army housing in Edgewood to boating communities in Joppatowne. These communities work, shop and worship together along the important Route 40 corridor. By joining together our shared interests can be heard at the County and State levels. Our main areas of focus:

✓ Focus on additional economic development along the Route 40 corridor in District A.

✓ Leverage private investment with State and Federal resources whenever applicable.

✓ Work within existing programs to ensure funding for programs such as the Maryland Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI), which seeks to end “food deserts” while attracting new quality food options.

Education & Youth Opportunity

We know that children are our future, but are we really doing all we can to ensure they have the opportunity to fulfill their potential? It takes engagement across the entire community to connect our students with high-quality educational opportunities. André has a track record of working with local leaders, parents, and school officials to improve learning outcomes for kids in District A.

✓ Provide schools with first-class facilities and programming for our kids both in and out of the classroom, and programming our kids both in and out of the classroom, and programming that brings the community into the classroom.

✓ Advocate for restoring and expanding funding for arts education and also for the development of innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics) education and increase opportunities for Harford County public school students.

✓ Expand funding for vocational programs in Harford County public schools that connect to real, living wage skilled jobs in growing industries.

Small & Minority Business Development

✓ Encourage local businesses to hire local talent and to expand within District A. Advocate for private sector investment in Enterprise or other such tax or funding advantaged Zones.

✓ Work with the state government to make investments in Harford County District A, whether by locating government facilities here, building transportation infrastructure, or directing development resources like Project CORE through the district.

✓ These investments bring opportunities for small and minority business creation.

✓ Thriving MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) businesses will create community wealth and increase jobs and opportunities for residents of District A.

Join our campaign!

If you wish to make a contribution by mail, please send your personal check or money order to:

Friends of André V. Johnson
PO Box 1155, Edgewood, MD 21040
By Authority of Friends to Elect André V Johnson, Shawnna Johnson, Treasurer